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Wedding at Marina Portorož


The wedding festivity can be arranged  in two amenities:

  • Marina resturant: can accomodate up to 120 people
  • Laguna restaurant: can accomodate up to 80 people indoors and up to 180 on the  terrace

The wedding ceremony is also possible in the restaurants as above and at the swimming pool  of the Laguna restaurant.  Prior to the wedding, a written request must be filed in at the Piran Community, asking for a permission to have a wedding ceremony  performed outside the official amenities.


Wedding menu


Following are some proposals of the wedding menus. According to your wishes, we will be glad to create a special menu just for you.

A toast


Sparkling wines & Champagnes

Srebrna Radgonska penina, Radgonske gorice d.d.,m.c., demi-sec                                                                         

Barbara, Istenič, Bizeljsko, m.c, brut                                                                                                                                    

Zlata Radgonska penina, Radgonske gorice d.d., m.c.,sec                                                                                          

Moet & Chandon, Brut Imperial                                                                                                                                           

Dom Perignon, suho, shampagne                                                                                                                                   

Cocktail menus before & after the ceremony

Assorted petit fourrees, cheese cubes, fruit, fried crab claws , dried fruit                                                        

Fried crab claws, fishsticks, cottage cheese cubes, prosciutto rolls, fruit, cheese cubes with fruit, shrimps on toast, assorted petit fourrees, dried fruit                                                                                                                            


Wedding dinner or –supper

Cold- warm buffet


Aperitif : a glass of sparkling wine upon arrival




Cold entry :  assorted cold Marina platter,  octopus salad, smoked swordfish, beefsteak Tartarre, prosciutto




Other cold entries as part of the buffet: enframed prosciutto, vitello tonnato (veal in tuna sauce), home made pate, beef carpaccio on rocket, rare roastbeef slices, mixed fish salads in shells, crayfish cocktail, marinated zucchini with balsamic vinegar

Warm main courses: rumpsteak with mushrooms, breast of veal on sauted vegetable, baked lamb from oven, breast of chicken in parmesan crust, perch in fleur de sel, glithead seabream from oven,barbecued squids from the Adriatic Sea,  shrimps in white and red sauce, black risotto

Side dishes: baked polenta, home made gnochhi, green tagliatelle with truffles, spinach lasagne,  barbecued mixed vegetable, potato from oven




Salad buffet

Assorted domestic or imported cheese




Wedding breakfast (for min. 50 persons)

English-American self –service breakfast with sparkling wine and fresh pressed juice.

The breakfast can be also served in the apartment.




Directly over the Marina there lies the apartment village Residence Marina****, with the stunning veiw of the blue sea. The Mediterranean architecture and fine interior of the apartments seem to have been created exclusively for such occasions. You can choose among three types of the apartments:

  • ROYAL apartment on the superior position, 140 sm, with a lodge, kitchen, two bedrooms and bathrooms and a spacious outdoor terrace (64 sm) and heated whirpool. In the apartment can lodge up to 6 persons.
  • SUPERIOR apartment: 70 sm, can accomodate up to 6 persons. It has got a spacious living room with a kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms and a balcony;
  • CLASSIC apartment: 67 sm, can accomodate up to 5 persons. It has got a spacious living room with a kitchen, a bedroom and two bathrooms.

Marina Portorož offers numerous possibilities of an active holiday spending: 13 outdoor (sandy grounds) and 2 indoor tennis courts , 1,200 seat multi-purpose stadium, football grounds, basketball, volleyball, mini-golf, outdoor swimming-pool and fitness studio. The guests are offered also the possibility of free swimming at the nearby Žusterna Hotel at Koper. We hope the above facts appealed to you and you will decide to have an unforgetable event arranged by us. Our wedding gift would be a free wedding night in the Royal apartment.




To PIRAN: a typical Mediterranean romantic old town on the Piran peninsula between the Piran and Strunjan bay. The medieval architecture  gives the town as a whole the monumental impression; the narrow, curving streets, the abundance of Mediterranean plants. The peninsula ends by the Madonna cape. A special architectural unit is the Tartini marketplace surrounded by the old medieval palaces and buildings. The most famous being the Venetian villa constructed in the Venetian-Gothic style with emphasized ornaments and the contrasts between the white stone and red painted walls.


& KOPER: The central monument typical for the town is the Doge's Palace. The building got its final apperanace in the middle of 15th century, when semi-circular renaissance windows were build and the upper part of the palace was added a zig-zag appendix (ornament). The facade of the building, which served the town for administration purposes, later a headquarters of Venetian superintendence and captains, is embellished by carved Scriptures, monuments and coat of arms.


By car:


To the old Romanic church at Hrastovlje

Over the Hrastovlje village there lies the famous Romanic church from 12th century. The church is surrounded by the wall with two towers revealing the character of a fortress. The interior of the church is painted with frescoes, the most valuable were painted by the Istrian maestro Janez from Kastav. The frescoes depict the scenes from the Old and New Testament. The most and the world famous frescoe is the Skeleleton Dance. The church belongs to the World Cultural Heritage.


To the Sečovlje salinas

The Sub-Mediterranean climate and an increased concentration of salty marine water create special environmental conditions for living. The salinas are therefore a real treasure of the unique vegetation (plants) and animal world  (birds) and under protection of UNESCO.


Reservations and terms of payment


A reservation is confirmed by:

  • 20 % advance payment within 14 days at latest from the reservation date
  • 50 % advance payment within 2 months at latest from the wedding date
  • 100 % advance payment within 21 days at latest from the wedding date

The payment is possible by a credit card (Visa, Amex, Diners, Mastercard), in cash or by the money transfer  to the bank account of Marina Portorož company.

We will be pleased to advise you or give you additional information to make your wedding just like out of a chocolate box .

With the compliments of Marina Portorož d.d.


Contact person: Mrs. Vesna Kranjc Šaponja

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Cesta solinarjev 8, 6320 Portorož, Slovenia


T: +386 5 6761 200

T: +386 5 6761 100
F: +386 5 6761 210

@: marina.portoroz@marinap.si
W: www.marinap.si




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T: +386 5 6761 100

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